Enviromental & Recycling!

Sustainability is very important to us and we pride ourselves on our use of meticulously sourced produce to create delicious meals for you. We never choose the cheap option when choosing our fish, potatoes and other products; and we always strive to bring you the very best quality from the very best sources. We recognize that responsible and sustainable fisheries are of paramount importance for the future of the resource

How Green are my Fish & Chips?
In providing you with a top quality meal we have taken many steps to ensure it doesn't cost the earth!

  • The Icelandic Haddock we use are caught from sustainable fish stocks.
  • We filter, recycle and replenish our frying medium daily. This maintains a
  • high quality product for you, whilst reducing disposal of waste to less than 1%.
  • The frying range we use has high efficiency burners to reduce gas consumption. It is also serviced annually to maintain optimum efficiency.
  • Wherever possible we package your product in bio-degradable wrapping. Paper, "Bio-boxes" (made from palm leaves) and paper bags.
  • Many of the products we receive generate their own waste materials. We separate and recycle all card, paper, plastic and glass packaging.
  • Wherever possible we are introducing energy saving lighting (all light bulbs in the restaurant are of this type).
  • We hope you will continue to enjoy your fish and chips secure in the knowledge that together we are doing our bit for the planet.


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